Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tactile Therapies

Tactile Thaerapies are otherwise known as 'Touch Therapy'.

There are charities and organisations within the community which endeavour to provide tactile therapies.

Often, a client is referred for tactile therapies to benefit psychologically rather than physiologically such as when the client is suffering from a life limiting illness.

The theory on tactile therapies is that the ‘power of touch’ can help on a psychological level to enhance the clients general well being.

Reflexology Today

Reflexology is practised widely today in holistic and complimentary therapy centres and clinics as well as in some hospitals.

Reflexology would not be where it is today in terms of how well recognised and accepted this therapy has become, if it were not for it’s gurus; both past and present. Reflexology is still being investigated and further developed so that the therapy can continue to grow and become more integrated than ever before.

Liability Insurance

Despite our best intentions and commitment to professionalism, accidents can happen and the third party involved may wish to pursue a claim against the therapist involved.

Having an effective insurance policy in place ensures peace of mind for both therapist and client.