Holistic Facials

It is said that this treatment originated in Ancient Egypt when essential oils would be used in facial treatments to purify and cleanse the skin.

By providing a Holistic Facial, you are providing much more than just a beauty treatment. With the correct preparation you can achieve a sense of relaxation and well-being that is far from just a facial.

It is paramount that the client feels completely comfortable with both their therapist and their surroundings from the moment they walk through the door to gain maximum physical and psychological benefit from the treatment.

The therapist will then be able to properly communicate with the client which again is of up most importance for providing an excellent treatment and to do so safely.

A Holistic Facial is all about understanding your client and providing a treatment that is tailored for them.
We combine an Ayurvedic Facial Massage sequence with our facial routine as it has many benefits.

It enhances nourishment and cleanses tissues which give that glowing complexion; maintains good tone and elasticity to all skin layers and it also melts away facial tension and bodily stress which helps to smooth fine lines and soften the expression.