A contraindication is something that is inadvisable. Before each treatment with a client, a consultation should take place in order to outline anything that may react to the treatment or occur as a result of the treatment.

Contraindications include but are not limited to ailments which are infectious or contagious and may cause cross contamination; ailments which may be made worse due to treatment or cause an adverse reaction to the products used.

Where a contraindication is present, the therapist has to either refuse treatment until permission has been received by the client’s GP or if it is possible, alter the treatment to suit.

For example: this may happen if the client had a cut or a bruise on their arm and would like a full body massage; the therapist could miss out that arm.

However, if the client had a rash that was unexplained or was as a result of an allergic reaction, it could be dangerous to carry out any treatment as the client may react to the stimulation of such treatment or the products used.

It is important not to give any advice to a client and in relation to contraindications; always refer the client to their GP for advise. This is because we as therapists do not have the authority nor the training to diagnose or treat any client for a specific illness.